When Mummy Goes to Work

Publisher: Templar Books

It’s time for Mummy to go back to work as a paramedic now that her little boy is old enough to be left with Nan and Grandad. After waving Mum off at the door, the little boy’s grandparents help him to imagine what Mummy might be doing at work, from making a cardboard ambulance out of a box to playing hospitals with his toys, all of whom have been suitably bandaged and given cups of tea.

Meanwhile, at work, Mum is busy helping members of the community all day until finally it’s time to come home – just in time to give her son a bath and lots of cuddles before bed.

A warm and wonderful story, perfect for toddlers whose mum may have just gone back to work, When Mummy Goes to Work reassures its readers that the new routine will be OK, and that even when she’s away, Mum is always thinking of her little one. In this case, it’s the grandparents providing the childcare, but the story would work just as well for children at nursery.

Anna Terreros-Martin’s illustration is a delight too, as is her depiction of a mixed race intergenerational family.

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