When I’m Gone

Publisher: Ladybird Books

Nobody lives forever, and some wish they could have stayed for longer. When someone you love has died, there will be sad days and angry days. But also happy days and fun days. And both of these are OK. You will remember the person who has gone and they will love you forever.

Written from the point of view of someone who is going to die, this is an honest, moving and very child-friendly picture book about loss and grief. The kind, gentle words could comfort a child who’s lost anyone in their own family, even though the pictures show two young children missing their mum. There is a page of information from the charity Child Bereavement UK at the back, detailing common reactions in children to bereavement, as well as suggestions for ways to help. This is a practical and sensitive book with lovely illustrations that’s sure to help children feel that someone understands what they’re feeling.

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