Only One of Me: A love letter from Mum

Publisher: Graffeg

In this tender rhyming picture book, a mum facing terminal illness tells her child how she wishes there were more of her so they could have more time to spend together. She wants more time to go on adventures, to hug and to tell her daughter that she loves her, and to guide her through all her years growing up.

Mum reassures her daughter that her whole family – Daddy, Uncles, Aunties, Grandparents and friends – will become a little bit more like Mum, and show her every single bit of love that she needs to help her heal after Mum is gone. The book ends asking her child to remember all the joy and fun they had when they were still together.

Written by Lisa Wells, who was diagnosed with terminal bowel and liver cancer in 2017, this is a beautiful love letter for her children to remember her by, but is also a gentle and comforting message for any family coping with terminal illness or facing the challenges of bereavement together. Catalina Echeverri’s illustrations perfectly show the unwavering love that a mother has for her child, in good times and bad, and there’s an empty spread at the end for a message and photo to be added for a loved one.

An immensely powerful, compassionate, and important book.

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