Maisie’s Scrapbook

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Publisher: Lantana Publishing

Maisie’s home is full of wonder and her days are filled with experiencing her vibrant world. She sees the rain drip, drip, drip on the window, watches the night sky at the beach and twirls in the autumn leaves.

As the seasons come and go, Maisie spends time with her parents. Mama plays the viola, wears linen and protects her from bulls whereas her dada wears kinte cloth, plays the marimba and tells tall tales featuring Maisie. In many ways, her parents are different, but they praise and hug her in the same way.

Celebrating the shared emotional experiences of different cultures, Maisie’s Scrapbook is a gentle, beautiful storybook which feels familiar and exotic at the same time. The poignant illustrations work with poetically crafted words to create a timeless and calming treasure to share with toddlers and nursery children.

Families can share this story again and again to discover new meanings in the story but also find new ways of connecting with one another.

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