What Would She Do?

25 Real-Life Stories of Rebel Women Who Changed the World

Publisher: Carlton Books

In this collection of women’s stories from across history and the present day, Kay Woodward introduces the reader to 25 heroines from around the world: featuring awe-inspiring artists, scientists and political activists, among others. The intimate portraits detail each woman’s achievements and struggles, but also considers their (probable!) take on life’s more modern dilemmas, too.  

Familiar faces like Florence Nightingale are presented alongside lesser-known characters such as Junko Tabei, the first woman to climb Mount Everest. The illustrations are bold and bright, like the women featured, and make handling this book a true pleasure.

What Would She Do? tackles heavy topics like injustice and discrimination, but the stories read as if told by an older, savvier sibling. There is no stuffiness with these historic icons: reading how Cleopatra and Emmeline Pankhurst would deal with playground bullies and homework woes is comforting and definitely inspiring. Each story will kindle ambition and self-belief in every person who reads it. 

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