What We'll Build

Plans for Our Together Future

Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

This touching and inspirational picture book features a young girl and her father, who make plans to build a glorious future together. As they gather up their tools, they discuss all the incredible things they will make. Their construction projects range from tangible objects, including a house, a tall tower and an unsinkable boat, to more abstract concepts, such as building friendships, setting aside love for difficult times and aiming high by creating a road to the moon. At the end of a tiring day, their heads buzzing with an abundance of amazing ideas, they build a fire, curl up together and fall fast asleep, making this a perfect bedtime read.

Poetic text accompanies distinctive, characterful illustrations, which are full of charming detail. The considered layout creates a sense of space on each page, suggesting the concept of limitless possibilities. Young readers will delight in the imaginative ideas, while for parents, the uplifting tale will stir emotions of love, hope and excitement at what lies ahead for their child.

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