What Lexie Did

Publisher: Chicken House


Lexie lives in London with her huge Greek Cypriot family, spending her time eating delicious food, admiring brilliant women in magazines, and speaking in a secret language with her best friend, her cousin Eleni.

But things are about to get a lot more complicated for Lexie when she's caught between telling the truth and lying – and what she decides to do ends up splitting her family apart. Can she figure out how to bring them back together again?

Emma Shevah has wonderfully tackled difficult questions about honesty in a sophisticated, complex way – but that's never at the expense of being brilliantly funny and entertaining. Young readers will find themselves flying through the pages, desperate to find out what Lexie will do.

Lexie herself is a fascinating character – she's always likeable, but Shevah never shies away from showing her more negative traits, from jealousy to selfishness. That all pays off, though, creating someone very relatable who is caught in a dilemma that feels all too sick-in-the-stomach real.

With a distinctive style, charming illustrations and heaps of thought-provoking moments, What Lexie Did really is a must-read.

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