What are Unicorns Made Of?

Publisher: Little Tiger

Have you ever wondered what unicorns are made of? Surely, as mythical beings, they can’t be just like any other animal...

In this sweet board book, we learn that their manes are made of marshmallow and strawberry ice cream, their tails are (of course) made from rainbows and their horns are filled with butterflies. Remarkable!

Perfect for fans of all things glitzy and sparkling, this lovely rhyming read goes to town in describing all the ways that unicorns are deliciously fabulous. There’s more text in this than a board book for really little ones, so it might suit 2-3 year olds who like magical, fun and whimsical books.

The pastel shade illustration is full of detail to look out for, such as flying hearts, pink castles and glowing butterflies – and there’s a lovely pop-up unicorn at the end for a final treat.

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