Wave Riders

Publisher: Macmillan

Twins Jess and Jude were orphaned as babies but life with their guardian, Gabriel, is close to idyllic. Sailing around the world, calling at exotic locations for supplies every now and then, they feel blessed and very lucky – until the morning they awake to find the yacht adrift and Gabe missing.

At first, the twins assume there has been an awful accident. But when they discover their supplies are drugged, they question whether Gabe has been abducted or killed.

When it becomes clear that they are entirely alone, the twins search the boat for clues as to what might have happened. Instead of clarity, however, they find confusion and a baffling mystery, with their personal history right at the heart of it.

This complex mystery thriller reveals its secrets very gradually with a full explanation only coming in the last few pages. Anyone who likes a story to challenge them and who enjoys trying to piece together elusive clues to solve a puzzle will love Jess and Jude’s adventure.

Packed with half-truths, deception, red herrings, villainous baddies and a sense of ever-present threat, this is a mystery to really keep readers guessing.

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