Was That Your Bottom, Dinosaur?

Publisher: Usborne

Sometimes, a book comes along that you didn’t know you needed until you see (and hear) it. Was That Your Bottom, Dinosaur? is such a book. 

A board book with five spreads that combines the enduring love of little ones for dinosaurs and farts, this board book – with sound – is one that older babies and toddlers will love, but parents might (in the very nicest of ways) want to periodically hide under a sofa cushion.  

From the thunderous bottom of a T-Rex to the bubbling-water-inducing farts of a Pterosaur, Was That Your Bottom, Dinosaur? features rhyming text, an early introduction to four different dinos and, of course, a sound button on each page that lets rip some pretty loud windy noises.

There are some nice playful, fun-to-copy words here too – snortle-grortle-fizz-whizz-woo! for instance – which will aid little ones in their language acquisition and be super fun to repeat along the way. 

There is an on/off button on the back, for when it all gets a bit much, but it’s a very funny book with huge play value that little ones (and possibly adults) will adore. 

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