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Publisher: David Fickling


Twins Kaine and Roxy are talented and driven. One plays football, the other tennis, but both feel antagonistic towards their father – and towards one another.

Kaine is hoping for a trial at a premiership club and has to pretend he doesn’t care that his dad is so uninterested, while Roxy has her heart set on winning Wimbledon one day but is rapidly falling out of love with tennis because of her dad’s relentless and punishing training regimen.

When the dreams of both twins seem to be ripped away, they are each exposed to very different kinds of danger and must struggle to get back to a life, and family, that can fulfil them.

This highly charged story of complex family relationships, misplaced loyalty and finding strength to overcome devastating disappointment will appeal especially to sports fans but is also a cracking read for anyone who likes a well-told, engaging narrative. 

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