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Publisher: Knights Of

Three years ago Ghost’s dad chased him and his mum down the road with a gun. His dad got ten years in prison, and Ghost learned how to run.

Ghost has never thought of athletics as a sporting option – basketball is his thing. But now, after challenging a sprinter to a race at the local track, he’s won himself a place on an elite running team. To keep it, he just needs to stay out of trouble. That’s easier said than done when Brandon Sanderson is in your face every day at school, you can’t forget your painful past, and when you want a new pair of trainers so badly you’d do anything to get them.

Ghost’s voice and character spring off the page in this stunning novel about facing your fears and finding your feet. His character is so authentic, you wouldn’t be surprised if he walked straight off the page, living and breathing. And as Coach takes him under his wing, Ghost discovers that even if you can’t run away from where you come from, you can run towards where you want to be.

A page-turning book with plenty of challenges and moral dilemmas along the way.

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