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Publisher: Atom

Megan is known at school as the girl who doesn't speak. She hasn’t spoken since her best friend Hana died. Sadie, the class bully teases, her about her lack of speech, but one or two loyal friends have stuck by her.

Then a new girl called Jasmine joins the school. The new arrival quickly sees Jasmine’s true colours, rejecting her offers of friendship and instead quickly establish a powerful connection with Megan - much to Sadie’s irritation. As their friendship grows, so do Megan’s feelings. Terrified of losing Jasmine as a friend, she hides the true extent of her affection, adding to the increasing pressure. It also becomes apparent to the reader that Megan is hiding some kind of secret connected with Hana’s death. Just to further complicate matters, someone is clearly not happy about the friendship with the new girl, as strange notes and ominous threats start to appear.

Part thriller and part romance, Abbie Rushton shows us the world from inside the mind of a teenage girl who is dealing with loss, regret, love and guilt. Themes relevant to selective mutism and same-sex love are included sensitively and authentically, ensuring that the main focus of the plot is always kept on the powerful mystery presented to the reader to unravel.

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