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Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Bo Dickinson and Agnes Atwell could not be more opposite, but that doesn't stop them from becoming best friends. Everyone in town knows the Dickinson name and its bad reputation, yet Bo becomes a breath of fresh air for Agnes, who is legally blind and living under strict rules created by her over-protective parents.

When Bo, with a mother addicted to meth, shows up at Agnes's in the middle of the night on the run, Agnes doesn't hesitate to go with her. After all, Bo is the first person to not treat Agnes's blindness as a burden. ­

While Agnes's visual impairment is a key issue in the book, her character is so much more than her disability and her strength really develops with the story - all of which is handled well by Keplinger, who has the same condition.

Run is a brilliant YA story of friendship and two girls figuring out who they really are.

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