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Publisher: Quercus

Jem has been in love with her best friend Kai for as long as she can remember. Kai is gay and doesn't feel the same way, but her unrequited feelings have never stopped them being inseperable - the very best of friends. But Jem's whole world collapses when Kai is suddenly outed in an internet video, and unable to deal with the cruelty of his peers, he commits suicide.

Devastated, Jem makes up her mind to commit suicide too - but then she discovers that Kai has left behind a series of letters to her, one for each month of the next year. Making the letters her reason to keep living, Jem sets out to revenge Kai's death by infiltrating the popular crowd at school, who she knows were behind the video, determined to make them suffer for what they did, whatever she must sacrifice to do so.

This intense, heart-wrenching novel from Cat Clarke will keep readers on the edge of their seat right up until its shocking ending. Jem's raw, angry voice always feels authentic, as she struggles to deal with her powerful grief and loss, and her sense of isolation from those around her - and the scenes set in school will undoubtedly resonate with many teenagers. Emotive and deeply thought-provoking, Undone does not pull any punches as it boldly addresses some sensitive, but very important issues affecting young people today - from bullying and homophobia to the complexities of teenage sexuality.

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