Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

Kellen is an Unraveller. He can unravel curses, bringing those who’ve been maliciously transformed back to human form. He helped Nettle change back from a heron after her stepmother cursed her. Now Nettle and Kellen travel together through the Shallow Wilds, helping cursed people by seeking out their cursers and unravelling the magic.

When a one-eyed horseman and his terrifying marsh horse employ them to follow a thread of cursers who’ve gone missing, Kellen and Nettle find themselves entangled in a web of deceit. Forced to journey into the Deep Wilds, full of menacing spirits and unknown enemies, they discover that Kellen himself has been cursed. He has not transformed, but his powers are changing. Can they remove his curse before he unravels everything – and everyone – around him?

Beautifully written, this world of sinister magical creatures, spiteful curses and all-too-human cursers is vividly evoked. Hardinge explores emotions such as envy and spite with great sensitivity, showing how people’s lives can be twisted out of recognition if they allow these feelings to take over – and how they can affect others.   

Full of action and tension, this is perfect for lovers of immersive, richly imagined fantasy, and for anyone looking for a truly compelling adventure.

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