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Publisher: David Fickling

Adam is a boy living in London, but not as we know it. In this alternate universe slavery was never abolished, which has left the UK in a sorry state with rich overlords ruling over a sprawling poor and people with origins anywhere apart from the UK particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. That includes Adam’s family of shopkeepers.

Then Adam meets an awe-inspiring talking tiger called Tyger and experiences mysterious powers. A truly evil baddy Sir Mortimer Maldedye wants to capture Tyger for his horrible Menagerie and threatens the whole world. Can Adam and his friend Zadie (short for Scheherazade) harness the powers of their imagination, find The Guardian - and actually change the devastating course the world is set on? 

This is a thought-provoking, profound, political and spiritual book. The myths, legends and violence of real life history, woven into the fabric of the story, trigger lots of thoughts and perhaps further investigation by young readers, as will the vocabulary used.

This book will most  suit confident readers, and would be a perfect book for a child who has enjoyed Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy (Northern Lights and beyond) or perhaps The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (perhaps Aslan and Tyger would have been friends).

For an engaged reader this will be a rich experience. A book to cherish and read again.

Mae Adam yn byw yn Llundain, ond ddim fel yr ydyn ni’n ei hadnabod. Yn y bydysawd amgen hwn, doedd caethwasiaeth erioed wedi cael ei ddileu, sydd wedi golygu bod penarglwyddi cyfoethog yn y DU yn rheoli’r tlawd a phobl â’u gwreiddiau yn unrhyw le ar wahân i’r DU, a phob un ohonyn nhw’n fregus ac yn hawdd i’w cam-drin a’u hecsbloetio.

Yna mae Adam yn cyfarfod â theigr syfrdanol sy’n siarad o’r enw Tyger ac yn darganfod pwerau dirgel ynddo’i hun. Ond mae Syr Mortimer Maldedye eisiau dal Tyger ar gyfer ei sioe anifeiliaid erchyll. A fedr Adam a’i ffrind Zadie harneisio pwerau eu dychymyg a newid yr hynt difethol y mae’r byd arno?

Llyfr ysbrydol, gwleidyddol a dwys sy’n procio’r meddwl.


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