Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Publisher: Nosy Crow

All the woodland animals are off to a jazz festival – the deer playing clarinet on a tandem, the tiger driving the train is playing the trombone and the elephant in the hot air balloon is twanging a banjo! Finally, when everyone’s together under the stars, it’s time for a singsong, and what better song than Twinkle, Twinkle?

This musical board book with Nicola Slater’s delightful 50s retro-feel illustrations is a lovely one whether for bedtime, playtime or on the go in the pushchair.

Pressing the musical notes included in the illustrations plays a few bars from the song, in the tone of the instrument on the page, and the final spread has a button that plays the song with all the instruments together. Unlike some musical board books, the quality of the music is pleasantly calm – and this one also has a handy on/off switch on the back.

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