Publisher: Lantana Publishing

Yazan is miserable. He misses cycling to the park, playing with his friends and going to school. His mother is sad, too. She has stopped painting and just watches the news. It’s always very loud.

Yazan makes 142 paper planes and builds a pillow castle but what he really wants is to leave his house. 'Not today,' is always his parents’ reply. Yazan’s shiny red bike is by the door and he can’t resist the temptation... But, outside, everything has changed. The streets are empty and he can hear loud explosions. His father finds Yazan and brings him home where his mum paints an amazing park on the walls of his room. Hopefully, soon the fighting will be over and Yazan can play outside again.

A touching story about a little boy trapped in his house in Syria because it’s too dangerous outside. This simple picture book effectively reveals what daily life is like for children living in a war zone.

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