Mighty Min

Publisher: Alison Green Books

Min is a tiny girl who lives in a miniature house at the bottom of the garden with her four small-but-mighty aunts. As they gather around the fire each evening, Min loves hearing thrilling tales of their daring escapades, but desperately wishes she could have an adventure of her own.

One night, she is startled when Owl whisks her away, explaining that a fearsome monster is frightening all the animals. He implores Min to help them, and although she doesn’t think she’s big enough to be of much use, the kind-hearted girl is keen to do whatever she can.

As she rescues lost baby rabbits, reassures frightened snails and untangles knotted tails, she becomes increasingly cross at the monster who has caused this chaos and resolves to give it a piece of her mind. However, the enormous monster has fierce eyes and long sharp claws, so will tiny Min be able to confront such a formidable beast?

This delightful tale of kindness, courage and ingenuity is accompanied by exquisite pencil drawings in warm, gentle colours. It demonstrates that you don’t have to be physically strong in order to be mighty and encourages using a gentle approach to overcome conflict.

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