Tiger in a Tutu

Publisher: Orchard Books

Max the tiger loves to dance. Sadly, tigers are not allowed to attend ballet school, so each day Max peers longingly through the window as the young dancers practise their steps. He dreams of delighting audiences with his pirouettes, pliés and grand jetés, but when he twirls majestically through the streets of Paris, people flee in terror.

Just as he is giving up hope of ever achieving his ambition, he is befriended by Celeste, a kindly ballerina with a plan. She gives him ballet shoes, a tutu and, most importantly, encouragement to follow his dream. She has every faith in him, but can Max believe in himself?

This is an uplifting debut picture book by an exciting new author/illustrator, which highlights the importance of determination, self-belief and friendship. The dynamic screen-print illustrations in rich blocks of colour are full of movement, and perfectly capture Max's passion and enthusiasm.

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