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Publisher: Two Hoots

Pete the badger likes everything in the forest to be neat and tidy. He snips off flowers that don't match, washes the birds, vacuums the forest floor and sweeps, scrubs and polishes until everything is spick and span. As the autumn leaves fall, he swiftly scoops them up into a mountain of refuse bags. Then, deciding the bare trees look unsightly, he digs them up.

When his over-zealous tidying begins to have a damaging impact on the forest and its inhabitants, Pete realises that he may have gone too far - and sets about trying to put things right.

An inviting peep hole in the front cover entices the reader into this entertaining picture book. With warm, rich illustrations, bursting with humorous detail and amusing rhyming text, the tale skips along and is great to read aloud.

As well as providing plenty of giggles, it also carries a valuable message about the importance of caring appropriately for the environment.

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