Three Girls

Publisher: UCLan Publishing

Minnie, Lena and Alice might be forced to pose together for their school’s brochure – but they’re definitely not friends. Minnie’s entire life is about sport, but she’s beginning to wonder if there might be more to life than medals. Lena is at the beck and call of her cruel friend Aimee, though she dreams of being a star athlete like Minnie. Alice, or ‘Big Alice’, is always the funny one, always the girl with lots of friends – though she’s got a couple of secrets she’s hiding away, too.

None of these girls’ lives are quite what they seem... but friendships can blossom in the unlikeliest of places. Once the three girls discover they all share a secret - perhaps they don’t need to fake a friendship for a photo after all?

This joyful, funny story celebrates the power and importance of female friendships, especially during the turbulent teenage years. Covering the topics that affect so many young women - such as insecurity, bullying, first love, standing up for yourself, and taking control of your own life - with humour and kindness, this is a heartwarming book ideal for older readers.

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