Girl (In Real Life)

(3 reviews with an average rating of 2 out of 5)

Publisher: Usborne

Eva has been public property since before she was born. Her parents’ vlog All About Eva has documented everything: first words, first tantrum and first pimple.

When she was small, Eva didn’t mind posing for pictures or acting up for the camera, but now she’s a young teen, she just wants some privacy. Trouble is, the vlog, and the sponsors it attracts, is what pays for everything: holidays, the house, even the food on the table. So, as far as her parents are concerned, stopping isn’t an option.

But when Mum vlogs about Eva’s first period, the embarrassment is too much to bear and Eva is forced to take drastic action in order to get her life back.

Social media is tricky to navigate when you are in charge of your own output but, when some else is calling the shots, the exposure can feel brutal and overwhelmingly intrusive. And when the people responsible are the ones who are supposed to love you most – well, that makes the situation a million times worse.

Although it’s very funny, Eva’s story can be an uncomfortable read. But it also explores important questions about identity, privacy and whether the end justifies the means.

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