Thimble Monkey Superstar

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Publisher: Firefly

Jams and his family are far from ordinary, and his parents seem to be passing strangers - but an ever-cheerful Jams endeavours to keep family life as harmonious as possible.

One day, neighbours ask the family to look after their pet hamster - only it turns out to be a monkey, who attracts all sorts of trouble. But soon Thimble the monkey becomes a member of the family - and perhaps even the catalyst that can bring them together.

Madcap humour, corny one-liners and ludicrous situations abound in this light-hearted chapter book. Jams has cerebral palsy, but this is incidental to the plot, with little direct reference in the text, other than the narrator explaining why he uses his walker to get around. The depiction is very positive - with the walker often visible in the images and refreshingly evident on the book's front cover. 

The illustrations are suitably wild and wacky and the short, snappy text make this an accessible and fast-paced adventure.

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