Pea's Book of Holidays

Publisher: Red Fox


It's the school holidays, and Pea's family are going their separate ways. Big sister Clover is off to theatre camp; Pea and Tinkerbell are going on a Famous Five-inspired camping trip, complete with lashings of ginger beer and smugglers; and Mum's staying at home to finish her new book.

Then the camping trip is cancelled, and their plans begin to go awry. Can Pea give Tinkerbell the perfect Blytonesque holiday she dreams of, complete with a mystery or two to solve - as well as making sure that Mum finishes her book? Or is Pea's holiday about to turn into a disaster?

In Pea's Book of Holidays, Susie Day returns with another hugely fun installment of the delightful Pea's Book series. Whether or not they've read about Pea's previous adventures, young readers will relish the gentle humour of this entertaining contemporary spin on the classic family story. Fans of Enid Blyton will especially enjoy Day's many nods to (and thoughtful critique of) her books. Two new characters join the cast, in the form of brothers Ryan and Max, to create Day's own mystery-solving team of five.

Descriptions of Ryan (who has hemiplegia) are spot-on, avoiding tokenism and telling the reader a great deal about the condition whilst ensuring that above all he's a delightfully fully-rounded and convincing personality. His brother Max explains that the way his brain is wired means that it gets tired quicker so he gets grumpy. 'Oh, and he likes pineapple on his pizza. Oddest thing about him by far.'

Effortlessly diverse and extremely addictive, this is perfect holiday reading (or for those simply dreaming of holidays). For readers aged 8 and upwards.

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