There’s a Shark in the Bath

Publisher: Scholastic

One morning, Dulcie notices that dad hasn't let the water out of the bath tub. But, hang on - what's that, swimming around in the cold, dirty water? A FIN?

When Dulcie tries to fish out the finned thing from the bath, she realises that it's a shark, and that's not all - the moustachioed Papa Shark has Mama and Baby Shark in there with him, too. Fortunately, Dulcie thinks of games to play with the sharks that would otherwise love to eat her up: including brushing teeth, washing and cleaning up the bathroom.

This signature silly and stylish tale from Sarah McIntyre will be a delight for anyone familiar with getting children through the bathroom in the mornings, and supply plenty of ideas for bathtime fun, too. It's also a great book to encourage children to brush their teeth.

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