The Worst Class in the World

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books

This fabulous book for independent junior readers contains two side-splitting stories about the escapades of the colourful characters of Class 4B, dubbed ‘literally the worst class in the world’ by headteacher Mrs Bottomley-Blunt. Every day brings another riotous calamity, usually caused by best friends Stanley Bradshaw and Manjit Morris, whose foolproof plans frequently go awry.

Determined to be crowned Biscuit King of 4B, several children bake cookies to sell at breaktime. This results in a medley of barely edible offerings, made with ingredients including cough medicine, chewing gum and dog hair. With Mrs Bottomley-Blunt on the prowl, the evidence must be hastily consumed, leading to dire consequences.

In a bid to scoop the prize for the best Show and Tell, Manjit brings his dog, Killer, into school. It totally isn’t his fault that Killer eats Mr Nidgett’s shoes or causes mayhem when she hurtles around the classroom in search of Bruce Bingley’s missing rat.

Superbly illustrated throughout, the lively black-and-white drawings bring the zany characters and their chaotic antics to life. Fast-paced and funny, it is bursting with hilarious catchphrases and laugh-out-loud exploits, and there’s an amusing quiz at the end to see how readers would fare in Class 4B.

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