Grandma Dangerous and the Egg of Glory

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Publisher: Orchard Books

Ollie is looking forward to a spot of treasure hunting with his best friend Piper during the school holidays, so is peeved when his plans are hijacked by the arrival of his annoying cousin, Thomas. Not only is he a real bore, he also makes Ollie look bad, as he has impeccable manners and seems to actually like housework.

Thankfully, things liven up when Grandma Dangerous and her shifty friend Edna drop in. After snaffling a few cucumber sandwiches and procuring a hacksaw, the eccentric pair hurtle away in Grandma’s hot air balloon.

In their haste, they leave behind an extraordinary object, which Thomas identifies as a priceless Fabergé Egg, stolen from a St Petersburg museum 30 years earlier. Suspecting Grandma may be involved in criminal activities, Ollie is delighted when she returns to enlist their help with her "project" and the three children embark on a madcap Russian adventure, involving a prison break, forgery and some curious contemporary dancing.

The plot of this book is utterly far-fetched and yet strangely believable, and the hilarious characters are a delight! With short chapters and black-and-white line drawings, this fast-paced tale is ideal for confident independent readers who enjoy plenty of chuckles.

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