The World’s Most Pointless Animals

Or are they?

Publisher: Happy Yak

The natural world is filled with countless wild and wonderful creatures which have adapted over generations to thrive in their environment, and each one has an important role to play in our planet’s ecosystem. Even the pink fairy armadillo.

In this delightful and informative book about some of the more unusual animals in our world, we learn about the axolotl (or the Pinkius Pointless Gilli Gilli, as the rather silly author of the book would like us to believe it’s called) that can regrow more or less any part of their body if it gets injured. Then there’s the platypus (Mammalia Duckfaceus Weirdus) whose unique bill can detect electric fields generated by living things in the water and is so strange that biologists who saw it for the first time in the 1700s thought it was a hoax.

From sugar gliders to red-lipped batfish and dumbo octopus (so called for their unusual ears) to naked mole rats, this collection of strange and unusual animals from around the world is an enjoyable factfile with lovely illustrations and an amusing read thanks to its rogue narrator, who shares jokey facts and silly names for each animal.

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