The World of Peter Rabbit: Hide and Seek!

Publisher: Puffin

Everyone’s favourite rabbit in a blue jacket is back – and this time, he’s using all of his ingenuity to outwit his old enemy, Mr Tod the fox.

When Peter’s cousin Benjamin comes hurtling through his cosy burrow’s window, it turns out that Mr Tod the fox is on the prowl, looking for a delicious rabbit or mouse to add to his stew. However, Peter is a clever young thing, and gets out his Inventions Book to plan a way that he and all his friends can stay safe from Mr Tod. It being autumn, Peter realises that he can stitch all the fallen leaves under the tree together to make a rather marvellous invisibility cloak: hurrah!

Yet, while the cloak fools Mr Tod once, Peter and his friends’ loud celebrations that they’ve outwitted the sneaky fox lure him back to pounce once again. Perhaps Peter needs to learn not to boast so much next time… and get thinking about his next clever invention.

This is a lovely rhyming story from picture book storyteller Rachel Bright with warm, characterful colour pencil illustrations from Nicola Kinnear. It’s part of the World of Peter Rabbit series, publishing new Peter Rabbit stories for the next generation.

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