One Christmas in Our Building

Publisher: Floris Books

Emma loves Christmas and is counting down the days until she can open her presents and tuck into a scrumptious turkey dinner with her dad and stepmother. The turkey Dad buys on Christmas Eve is enormous and won’t fit in the refrigerator, so they store it overnight in the chilly communal hallway of their apartment block. However, when they go to retrieve it on Christmas morning, it has vanished!  

They knock on all the doors in the building, to ask if anyone has seen the missing bird, but it is nowhere to be found and they have to make do with spaghetti instead. As they eat their not-so-festive meal, their neighbours call in, each offering to share their own food, and soon Emma’s home is bursting with new friends and festive cheer.  

This heart-warming picture book is full of Christmas spirit anddemonstrates the importance of generosity, kindness and friendship. The full-page illustrations in warm tones are full of quirky detail, which will enhance children’s understanding of the tale, and young readers are sure to enjoy trying to solve the mystery of the missing turkey. 

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