The World-Famous Cheese Shop Break-in

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Daddypops is a rat who loves cheese - any cheese, the stinkier the better. So when he and his two baby rats spot a shop full of cheese smellier than old socks, between the greengrocer's and the underwear emporium, Daddypops decides to carry out a daring break-in.

But none of his plans work until he starts to dig a tunnel. After several hilarious calamities, the ratty threesome push the floorboards up and find themselves in…the next-door underwear boutique!

While the children advise him to start making his own cheese, Daddypops formulates a cunning plan to open his own Fancypants for Rats shop. Then he can afford to buy stinky cheese every day - a really cheesy ending to a comical story, with hilarious illustrations: perfect for sharing at bedtime or reading out loud.

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