Hoot Owl: master of disguise

Publisher: Walker Books

As Hoot Owl sets off on his night-time hunting trip, he is confident that he will quickly catch a tasty snack. Donning a selection of ingenious disguises, he transforms himself into a delicious carrot to tempt a rabbit, a fluffy ewe to capture a lamb, and even an ornamental birdbath to lure a pigeon. However, despite his best efforts, his prey always manages to escape - leaving him hungrier than ever. Unperturbed by defeat, Hoot Owl perseveres. But will his tenacity be rewarded?

Repetitive text encourages children to anticipate the form that Hoot Owl will next take as a cunning disguise. The striking illustrations of vibrant blocks of colour on dark backgrounds create a furtive atmosphere for this comical nocturnal adventure. It is sure to be enjoyed by mischievous young readers.

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