The Great Balloon Hullaballoo

Publisher: Andersen Press

Simon the squirrel wants to go out and play, but his mum sends him to the shops with a list of things to buy - including, most important of all, some cheese for the pizzas she is making for tea. But when he meets some friends on the way, Simon decides to go somewhere different - the moon, which everyone knows is made of cheese. Borrowing old Uncle Somerset's special hot balloon for the occasion, the animals take to the skies, and end up having a rather unusual outer space shopping adventure. But with comets, meteor showers, angry monsters, flying cows, alien pants and cosmic rock cakes to contend with, will Stanley remember everything on his mum's list?

This lively adventure from an established picture book duo combines a rhyming text that is fun to read aloud, with bold, fun and colourful illustrations in Matsuoka's distinctive style. Taking children on an entertaining romp through the galaxy, this offbeat, funny and unexpected picture book will delight young readers - and their parents - right up until the final happy ending, when all the animals sit down to a delicious pizza supper.

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