The Wonderful World of Water: From Dams to Deserts

Publisher: Prestel

Humans would not survive on Earth without water. But what is it exactly, and how do planet Earth’s weather and environments cycle water around so that we always have it? How does urine get cleaned up and put back into rivers and oceans? How do plants take water out of the ground, how do dams work, and what is the future of water in the world? 

In Sarah Garré and Marijke Huysmans interesting non-fiction guide to this most essential of elements, we are guided through water in many of its different states and identities.

From looking at how people dealt with water in the past (in Mesopotamia, before 3000 BCE, people dug canals to irrigate their fields) to how we can save water now (turn off the tap when brushing your teeth; collect rainwater and use it for the garden; try to buy second-hand clothes instead of new; eat meatless meals sometimes), this is a fascinating guide to water which will no doubt answer plenty of questions. 

Wendy Panders’ illustration is colourful and lovely, and the whole book has clear, readable text and layout. 

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