Under Earth, Under Water

Publisher: Big Picture Press

Did you know that the Naked Mole-Rat burrows up to a metre under the ground, hardly ages at all, and cannot feel some kinds of pain? Or that the biggest borehole in the world was in northern Russia, took 22 years to drill, and was more than 12km deep? Or that only a few 10-metre-long Colossal Squid have ever been found, but we know they exist because their beaks are found inside the bellies of sperm whales?

This gorgeous large hardback explores what happens under the earth and in our oceans and seas in fantastically colourful and accessible double-page spreads. These feature engaging, readable text snippets and fascinating facts about everything from oil rigs to badgers.

An excellent, special book which will enthral young readers, adults and engage reluctant readers too, this is a really excellent example of illustrated nonfiction that is both comprehensive and fun.

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