The Woman Who Rides Like a Man

Song of the Lioness book 3

Publisher: Atheneum Books

The newly knighted Alanna of Trebond has set off for the desert of Tortall, yet once she reaches the desert plains she is captured by the Bloody Hawk Tribe. The tribe's leader and shaman is convinced that Alanna is evil and challenges her to a duel to the death. After defeating him Alanna is forced through custom in to becoming the tribe's new shaman. Thereafter Alanna becomes embroiled in a fight not only to save the Bloody Hawk Tribe but all of Tortall.

Originally written in 1986, the book is a great example of the thrilling tales of early teen historical-fantasy. The book is a continuation of Pierce's fantastic placing of modern feminist ideals in to a more backward past. However, it does take a rather condescending view of indigenous desert cultures.

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