The Wishkeeper’s Apprentice

Publisher: Walker Books

When Felix meets a little man fishing coins out of the town’s fountain, he discovers that whenever anyone in the town makes a wish, it is Rupus Beewinkle who makes it come true. The wishkeeper is in dire need of an apprentice to help him, and as Felix is the only one to be able to see him, this becomes Felix’s new job. But there’s a terrifying wishsnatcher on the loose, determined to destroy every wish, and along with it, everyone’s hopes and dreams. And Felix soon discovers that his normal everyday family life could be at stake. But can one anxious boy and one disorganised wishkeeper with a sweet tooth defeat the wishsnatcher monster?

A delightfully charming and perfectly plotted adventure that packs a real emotional punch. Felix is lonely at school, and feels estranged from his older sister – both situations some readers will recognise. With moments of gentle humour, short chapters, and many sweet illustrations by Rachel Sansom throughout, this is perfect for the upper end of Key Stage 1 and lower end of Key Stage 2.

This is the first book from this Northern Irish author and we look forward to further magical delights from her.

Wrth i Felix gyfarfod â dyn yn codi darnau arian o ffynnon y dref, mae’n darganfod, pan fydd unrhyw un yn y dref yn gwneud dymuniad, Rupus Beewinkle ydy’r dyn sy’n gwneud iddo ddod yn wir.

Mae’r ceidwad dymuniadau mewn angen dybryd am brentis i’w helpu, a gan mai Felix ydy’r unig un sy’n gallu ei weld, mae hon yn dod yn swydd newydd i Felix. Ond mae yna gipiwr dymuniadau brawychus sydd wedi mynd ar sbri. Tybed a fydd un bachgen pryderus ac un ceidwad dymuniadau di-drefn yn gallu trechu’r bwystfil o gipiwr dymuniadau?

Antur hyfryd o swynol a pherffaith ei phlot sy’n cael effaith go emosiynol.


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