The Wildstorm Curse

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

This summer, 13-year-old Kallie is going to the Wildstorm Theatre camp. She doesn't know anyone there, and she arrives in the middle of the night, but she's determined to be brave.

Luckily, she soon becomes great friends with Emilia, and they enjoy the acting games. They're putting on an old play in the newly restored theatre, and Kallie has the role of the Astrologer.

But Kallie is having strange nightmares involving a dark shadow and a green quill, and there is muttering in the village about them performing a play by the 'witch' Ellsabet Graveheart. The village thrives on the story of the seventeenth-century woman who was burned as a witch – they even sell tea towels with her image on them – yet they aren't keen for her words to be spoken.

And now there's something stirring in the woods. Something with the power to whisper poisonous words, and to control people. Can Kallie and her new friends find out the truth about Ellsabet, and discover the way to defeat the monster?

This is a spine-tingling adventure that weaves in history, thrilling action scenes and ultimately showcases the power of storytelling. Kallie has dyslexia, but she can still use words powerfully, which is a message all children need to hear.

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