The Wild Life of Animals

Publisher: Buster Books

This vividly illustrated book introduces many interesting animals such as flying snakes, vampire squid, pika and cactus wrens. Grouped by habitat, from forest to mountain, desert to ocean, and presented in the form of comic strips and boxes of information, this is packed with fascinating facts. Quirky survival techniques, amazing adaptations and funny behaviour are to the fore. After all, pygmy hippos flick poo about with their tails, froghoppers blow bubbles from their bottoms and pandas do handstands to wee up trees! But it’s not all about toilet habits – there is information on family groups, diet and homes, and the variety of animals covered is astonishing.

It’s written from the animals’ perspectives, in a colloquial tone, making it super friendly – even the dialogue between prey and predators is funny. Paula Bossio’s illustrations make each animal an individual, with wonderful facial expressions, and there are many background visual details to enjoy too. This is perfect for young animal lovers who like their information on the wild side.

Gwyddoniaeth: Pethau byw a’u cynefinoedd

Mae’r llyfr difyr hwn yn cyflwyno llawer o anifeiliaid diddorol fel y neidr hedegog, y môr-lawes fampir, y pica a’r dryw cactws. Wedi’u grwpio yn ôl eu cynefin ac wedi’u cyflwyno ar ffurf stribedi comig, mae’n llawn dop o dechnegau goroesi od, addasiadau anhygoel ac ymddygiadau doniol. Mae yna hefyd wybodaeth am grwpiau teuluol, deiet a chartrefi. Mae’r amrywiaeth o anifeiliaid sydd wedi’u cynnwys yn rhyfeddol.

Mae wedi’i ysgrifennu o safbwyntiau’r anifeiliaid, sy’n ei wneud yn llyfr cyfeillgar ac agos atoch chi. Mae’r darluniau lliw bendigedig yn dangos pob anifail fel unigolyn ac mae yna lawer o fanylion cefndir i’w mwynhau hefyd. Mae’n berffaith ar gyfer y rheini sy’n caru anifeiliaid ac sy’n hoffi gwybodaeth braidd yn wyllt.


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