The White Tower

Publisher: Chicken House

Livy is devastated when her best friend dies and hopes that a fresh start at a new school will provide the distraction she needs to help get her back on her feet.

But Livy can't seem to connect with her new life. She can't stand the 'shiny girls' at school who have poise, good looks, money and a sense of superiority and entitlement - and so her isolation grows.   

The only time Livy finds peace is when she wanders the rooftops at night and something magical seems to take her over. However, as ancient ghosts and ghastly apparitions invade her safe space, she is forced to take control and - quite literally - face her demons.

Richly atmospheric and a winning combination of science, fantasy and raw emotion, Livy's journey through bereavement and grief is paralleled in her quest to solve a historic conundrum and find resolution and acceptance.

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