The Whisperwicks

Publisher: Puffin

If it wasn’t for the crack in the wall, Edwidwouldn’t be missing. If Edwid hadn’t gone missing, Elizabella wouldn’t need to go and look for him. And Benjamiah might still be safe at home in the bookshop instead of lost in a world he doesn’t recognise or understand. 

Although they have little in common, Elizabella and Benjamiah are drawn together through a seemingly impossible quest that will lead them to the most dangerous places in Wreathenwold. Can they successfully navigate the unmappable labyrinth of ever-shifting streets and collect the clues that they hope will lead them to Edwid? Or will the strange magic and hidden evils be too much for them? 

In this haunting tale, a parallel world is ruled by a terrible monster and citizens are controlled by fear and a legion of masked Hanged Men. No one can venture far from home because going further than a few streets causes forgetfulness and you become lost and unable to find your way home. Ever. 

Being lost, cut off and out of your depth will be a fear familiar to many readers and adds an urgency to the quest which is central to this fantasy adventure. Absorbing and thought-provoking. 

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