Bramble Fox

Publisher: Pushkin Children’s

Portia is spending the summer in North Wales with an elderly aunt and her partner. Ben lives in town but has few friends, preferring to find companionship in books.

When the two are thrown together by well-meaning adults, neither has huge expectations for their day out. But a strange red-haired man with the shadow of a fox disrupts their plans in ways neither of them could possibly have foreseen. And when a mysterious key opens a secret door, a terrible evil is awakened.

Years ago, everyone had heard the stories about the Otherworld and how beautiful and dangerous it could be. But these stories are long-forgotten so nothing can prepare the world for what is about to be unleashed. 

Translated from German, this fantasy thriller will take your breath away. Packed with beautifully imagined details that build a spellbinding world of magic, threat and terrifying danger, it has a depth and intensity that is completely immersive and will have you on the edge of your seat right to the last page.

Drawing inspiration from ancient folklore and more modern fantasy epics, it shows how good and evil can sometimes seem alarmingly similar depending on who is telling the story.

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