The Way of Dog

Publisher: Chicken House

Life on the puppy farm is cold and lonely. GrowlManJim is becoming increasingly brutal and Scruffity worries he’ll end up in the DeadDogBin.

Then a manpup offers a chance of freedom. But the world outside is scary; full of ShoeLegs, MetalBeasts and, worst of all, the dreaded Ranger. 

Then, just as things start to look up, tragedy strikes. How can Scruffity find the happiness he almost tasted when he’s not sure where to start looking?

The Way of Dog is a verse novel, told as a series of poems varying in mood, rhythm and length. Right from the first page, the rhythms grab you, immediately drawing you in to the trauma and drama of Scruffity’s life.

Even readers who might not normally choose verse will be captivated; this is poetry as you’ve possibly never seen/read it before and is much more affecting than a straightforward narrative.

Be prepared to feel angry, sad, vengeful and elated – and maybe even to cry just a bit.

If you have ever wondered what goes on in a dog’s mind, this could be the closest you ever come to finding out!

Would work well as shared reading or be great for reading aloud.

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