A Street Dog Named Pup

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Publisher: David Fickling Books

Something doesn’t feel right in the car that night – it doesn’t smell right. And when the big man dumps him in a strange, gloomy alley and drives away into the stormy darkness, Pup knows his instincts were absolutely right.

Wet, cold and frightened, all Pup wants to do is find his way home to the boy who loves him, but how can he do that when he doesn’t even know where he is?

Luckily, there are streetwise dogs around who take him to a place of safety. But safety is always relative and life on the streets is hard, unpredictable and dangerous. Yet Pup never gives up on his dream of finding his boy again.

This epic tale of abandonment, friendship, cruelty and redemption is compelling and hard to put down. Although animal lovers are sure to be gripped by Pup’s adventures, the story has obvious parallels with the human world and will appeal to a wide range of readers.

However, this is not a cute and cuddly animal story: it’s hard-hitting and tense, albeit with some lighter, funnier parts. Readers should probably have a few tissues at the ready and be aware that there are some episodes of animal cruelty.

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