The Touch Book: A Sensory Book To Explore

Publisher: Little Tiger

There are so many textures to explore: fluffy, crinkly, bumpy, sticky, rough, spongy… A sheep is fluffy, but so is a rabbit, some slippers and even maybe some candyfloss! And, things like milk bottles, apples and ice cubes are all smooth. On each double page spread, one texture is explored with a touch panel as part of a picture – a bumpy texture panel on an orange or sticky cut-through holes on a bowl of honey. Other words with similar meanings are given at the top of the page (e.g. for sticky, we also get syrupy, gloopy and tacky) along with a small range of pictures showing different kinds of sticky or spongy textures.

The presentation is nice and clear, on larger than average board book pages and with a large, bold font so that children can start to recognise words. The variety of sensory options is great, with ten in all, meaning it’s a little more comprehensive than a usual baby touch book and so suited to slightly older toddlers too.

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