Sophie Has Lunch

Sophie la girafe

Publisher: Templar Publishing

Chances are that you and your child are familiar with Sophie la giraffe: an iconic teething toy that is seemingly everywhere and stuffed with satisfaction into the mouths of most babies and young toddlers.

Now Sophie the giraffe has been transformed into a very cute little illustration, courtesy of Vulli. She’s feeling hungry, which is great – as it’s time for lunch! Join her at the table for a delicious meal in this book specially made for little ones trying their first tastes.

Beautifully presented, with textured pages for tiny hands to explore and engage the senses, this is a short and simple story to read to babies and toddlers just before their mealtime – or even at the table (to entice them into the highchair!). Young ones will benefit from hearing everyday first words – “spoon”, “yoghurt”, “table” – and older ones will enjoy naming everything as they go along, especially all the food in Sophie’s fridge.

One of the great things about this book is that it is timed perfectly with the weaning stage: most babies cut their first tooth (and therefore possible exposure to Sophie the giraffe) around the time they try their first food. Sophie Has Lunch brings it all together and makes it fun. Toddlers, who sometimes struggle with transition points, will benefit from the gentle guide through the stages of mealtime.

For parents and carers, each page includes short practical tips for your weaning journey from Early Years’ expert Lizzie Noble.

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