The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley

Publisher: Scholastic

Everyone just wants to fit in at a new school. And for Noah Bradley, this has never been truer. He’s had to move house and school too many times. Plus, he actually likes this school - he’s been accepted there. This time he really wants to stay.

So what he does not want is to have to be seen with his neighbour Neena, who definitely isn’t in with the ‘in’ crowd. Nor does he want to see bad omens like black cats or freak weather events. And above all, he does not want his secret to be exposed.

But this is a dark, dangerous secret that has followed the Bradley family from one town to the next. And it does not want to be ignored. Can Noah finally stop the deadly curse or will he need to keep on running?

Amber Lee Dodd has a knack for writing novels that are like no other book you have read before, and this one is no exception. Its highly original plot intrigues from the first chapter, effectively straddling reality and fantasy, the ordinary and extraordinary. It then sweeps the reader along with its high-action drama and great cast of characters, amongst whom is Noah’s younger brother (who is partially deaf, although this is incidental to the story). And like any great adventure, it keeps you on the edge of your seat to the very last.

Powerful, absorbing, atmospheric adventure, incorporating themes of family, fitting in, friendship and finding oneself.

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