The Think-Ups!

Publisher: Walker

When a rainy day stops sisters Anna and Kiki from going out to play, they rack their brains for something to do. But board games are boring and hide-and-seek is no good because they already know each other’s best hiding places.

Then Kiki, the younger sister, invents a new game for them to play – the Think-Ups. The rules are really simple, all you need to do is think up a Think-Up and it will appear.

Kiki’s first attempt conjures up a group of adorable bunnies, which hop around the rug. As Kiki and Anna let their imagination run wild, a whole menagerie of animal friends join them. One at a time, they 'think up' more and more Think-ups until things get out of control. How will they stop the mayhem? Is there such a thing as an Unthink-Up?

Swarming with adorable animals including bunnies, koala, octopi and a huge moose, children will delight in this charming picture book. Offering a fresh celebration of imaginary play, young readers will marvel at the idea of creating new characters with their mind.

Smudgy, pastel artwork give a nostalgic feel, while half-cut pages, make for funny surprises at every turn as the new Think-Up is revealed.

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